Posted on 31-lug-2018


coders51 ❤ Elixir and Erlang We strive for high standards of development and scalable architectures to satisfy large amounts of data and users. Jobs for large companies such as Warner Bros. and Universal Pictures have allowed us to grow our platforms. In 2017 we organized with Erlang Solutions an erlang factory In 2018 we organized with Erlang Solutions a codebeam in Milano In June 2018 we spoke at Stockholm with a talk named: From a web application to a distributed system Our CTO was among speakers alongside people like Joe Armstrong and Robert Virding We are promoters in Italy of several initiatives that have helped Elixir to be affirmed in several areas. We have created where we promote various events, meetups, conferences. We do coaching both on tdd working methods, agile, and languages. In 2015, 2016, 2017 we created the unique Italian Elixir/Erlang Day and we had it a lot of success. We think that working with the community and sharing competences with them can help Elixir to have the right place in business (here the italian links of the conferences: Meet the aliens! Write to: